Sunday, December 25, 2005

TenThings that suck about t.v. programming

10. Curling, yes i realize i have offended the entire province of Manitoba, and I apologize to both of you profusely. But still, curling is often on tsn when there is a perfectly good hockey game on t.v. I'd rather watch paul karyia in Nashville than randy furby and his rocks.

9. Dog shows-if i wanted to see a dog show i'd drive to saskatoon.

8. CBC-worst station ever. Only redeeming value is Hockey Night in Canada. CBC should drop all of it's docu-drama crap quicker than Kobe dropped two million on a "I'm a dirty manwhore, but will you still forgive me" diamond ring for his wife. CBC should play only hockey and the news...when hockey isn't on. During the off season, they should play other sports, and classic games.

7. Martha Stewart. she belongs in prison for being so frickin annoying. her and Oprah.

6. Dr. I'm should follow my own diets Fill. This guy drives me around the bend. The only thing worse than Dr.Phil is his fan club..........and the next five things.

5.Micheal Moore. I know he's not really on Prime time, or vocal any more since bush got re-elected, and he went to fat camp, and america found out he was a jackass. Maybe he got hit by a bus, which would suck for the bus.

4. Remember Canada's late night t.v. show, Mike Bullard man that guy was annoying, he gets number four out of sheer foolishness. I remember him always having terrible jokes he could barely read of the cue sheets because he was to lazy to get glasses. Mike Bullard is to funny what Micheal Jackson is to childcare.

3. chick sports reporters. I was watching football and this sideline reporter woman commented twice about uniforms being stylish. Who really wants to hear about how Nevada states football teams outfit are classy? With all due respect, i have yet to encounter a womans sportscaster who did a good enough job where i didn't notice that she was in fact not man.

2. Spelling Bee's. I don't care how many t's kat has, spelling bee's are not a sport and should never be shown on a sports network. TSN the sports network. Now the subject of that phrase is Network which can be read as t.v. station. sports is the predicate noun, which means it's telling you something about the subject. ie. it's a SPORTS station. During the lockout poker was on all the sports channels, also not a sport but close than teh spelling bee. Also the spelling bee play by blay chick stated "winning the spelling bee is the hardest feat to accomplish in sports." right. I can see the validity in her point. Because an 82 game hockey season is easy, because the NFL and CFl play flag football. Bold statements i think can be hilarious, but not when you say them to validate your career as a spelling bee announcer... i mean seriouisly "Well Jim, not only did he spell that word correctly, have you seen his shoes?"


Blogger Butterscotch said...


10: Randy Furby is an uncle of a friend of mine so I can't diss him, but if it were a Toronto game I would be very very tempted.

9: Dog shows?

8: CBC plays great movies at Christmas!

7: You can not possibly put Martha and Oprah into the same negative sentence. Well, I guess technically you did, but really, not a fair comparison.

6: CAN'T GO THERE! But nice to know what you think of this fan.

5: He does have a way of getting noticed though...

4: I have to agree with this one, but only cause he reminds me of a fellow in College who knew how to push all of my fury buttons.

3: Can't say I ever witnessed one of the female variety, but can see how it wouldn't be nearly as interesting, after all, the men are much cuter.

2: Ohhhh, spelling bees? I did not know they put these on the Sports Channel. When? When?

1: Ummm... Way to leave a girl hanging.

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