Monday, May 16, 2005

Traffic, construction zones, and why i am not to be trusted with directions.............

So, after lounging around Regina for oh, let's say a few weeks/ a full month I finally gotten around to getting one of those "jobs" people keep talking about. I deemed this necessary after my unfortunate discovery that money in fact does not grow on trees. So, using my inherent job finding skills i quickly found employment at an unnamed call center.(when i say inherent job finding skills, i mean my room mates mother hooked me up with the job) So, I go to leave this morning for "orientation" first day of work so you do not want to show up late........apparently. So I set out, directions in hand and begin what should have been a simple ten minute drive to the call center. So i was following the directions(or so i thought) and looking for a hospital i was supposed to turn by. After five minutes i noticed two somewhat alarming things 1. Hospital signs were replaced by signs saying "holeinthewall" 34 km 2. City buildings where replaced with the cursed vast horizon of Sask. yep. that's right. sure did drive almost out of the city. 3.(a bonus) I also noticed my choice of venue was Victoria, and in hindsight this street was in no way shape or form found in my quaint set of directions. So needless to say I did manage to find my destination at ten fourty five, fifteen minutes late. Which was awesome. Then I proceeded to learn that you could not actually enter in the endearing process of "orientation" without an social insurance card. I know the number, one would suspect that would suffice, but oh no. They need the real mccoy. Which is currently in a storage room in the metropolis of Caronport. I could find a way out there, but it's less of a hassle to order a new one. I thought this morning was all for naught, I sat outside soaking in both the beautiful sunshine and the slightly less beautiful but more condoling scent of a captain black cigar. But apparently as it again turns out, when i get my new card, i still have a job, just in a different section, for slightly more money and better workload. So the moral of the story kids is : Money still doesn't grow on trees, and I have to get a damn job.


Blogger Butterscotch said...

Yay! Someone I know.

So, were you even able to have the interview?

5:31 PM  
Blogger Butterscotch said...

PS The Jean Chretian answer was hilarious.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Briananthony said...

No, I didn't have the interview, just turned around and drove back home...... but it will work out eventually

5:47 PM  

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