Thursday, March 09, 2006

No way, Jose?

I cannot believe MTL traded Theo!! At first, i was mostly in shock,because first of all he's been around for 10 yrs, secondly, the way he's played this season, who would want him,and thirdly he's injured, potentially done for the season. As i've been mulling this over, I checked out Abieshers stats, and statisically he has a better record, overall theodore is a bunch of games under .500, 3 games under this season, while abiesher is several games over .500. What was most confusing i thought mtl's back up was doing ok, 3-1-1 after the break, 3 SO's in 8 games. Plus his back up Danis has looked ok in a few starts including a SO in his first NHL game. Also there is a 3.5 million dollar difference in salaries so that is an upside for montreal, maybe montreal is going to swing another deal and send abeisher to another team. As long as we don't get Todberculosis i'll be ok.


Blogger LBomb said...

Toddberculosis is freaking awful. And I'm glad we got rid of Theo-money.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous player 1 said...

I'm hockey fan in colorado and i don't get the paper so i was just wondering has anyone heard a bad word about Jose Theodore in the press? when i first saw him in net i tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and said he looks funny because he's a lefty but the truth is he's a SIEVE. for real! now i'm sorry for the kid if his head is blown bt i feel worse for blake and sakic and the rest of the guys playing with an empty net behind them. an article on credited JT with the first round win over the stars. what? all the talk has been about the avs power play breaking down but i remember the days before this guy when there were 1-0 games. can't BELIEVE they started him in gm 4. just trying to protect the GM/President. bad deal. thanks for listening.

8:49 PM  

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