Saturday, September 02, 2006

30hr drive

So as most of you don't know, i worked at a camp oustide edmonton this summer. It finished the 28th of August. During the summer i got this great idea, that I should drop some of my friends off in winnipeg on the way to school at the cport. For those of you who don't know, winnipeg is clearly not on the way, but whatever, roadtrips are awesome. Especially in my car and by awesome i clearly mean dangeresque. In total i spent about 34 hours of straight driving awesomeness and by the end of it i was up for over 40. Now, on to the story. My friend D-rock was driving and we were about 30 mins away from Yorkton which is officially the most useless town in Saskatchewan. I had looked over and seen this fire, So I told Drock, hey we should go check it out, assuming the fire dept would be there since we seen teh flames over the treeline from teh highway. As we pull off the highway into this sleepy little town i notice that it's pretty quiet, i got out and ran around the corner. House on fire. check. Randomn barrels of gas and keresone near burning house and next house. check. fire dept. wait not there. local citizens with water pails? Nope, there weren't even any boyscouts dixi cups. It was 2:30 am, and as we later realized the average age of the town was 67ish i guessi could understand it.... Anyways I ran up to the house next to the inferno and woke them up and got them out. (poi. they immeaditely gave me their car keys to move their car) Anyways we made sure they got out of their house as the flames now had consumed the other house completely, the couple informed us luckily that house had been abandoned for years. We then proceeded to wake up the rest of the block as there were big ashes flying everywhere due to the wind and coincidentally the fire flying everywhere and starting fires on the next street. We called 911 as soon as we got there, adn their stellar response time was approx. 30 mins. Awesome. Why even bother calling. Anyways, so basically we took charge of the scene and had to keep everyone away from the spectacle as there was a natural gas supply to the couples trailer. About twenty minutes after we got there and woke up the older couple there house was absolutely engulfed with flames. It eventually burned completely to the ground, both the empty house and the older couples. The man, Mike, who owned the trailer also lost a camper, and a new chevy he bought himself for retirement. He also lost his house two years ago to fire, so he was in pretty severe shock. Eventually the FD showed up and watered the neighbourhood down as the two buildings finished burning to the gournd. Oh yeah and the water truck that was en route from somewhere else, ran out of gas and never showed. One must feel really safe in rural sask. Not only is the response time slower than Paris Hilton answering a question with more than six words, but either the help coming isn't smart enough to gas up, can't afford to gas up, or there really wasn't a water truck. So, that was pretty exciting, well about as exciting one might think. Also i have some pics i'll be posting soon hopefully of things burning



Blogger Cidney said...

Haha, Bri, that's awesome. Leave it to you to have some random story on the way to Briercrest. Anyway, thanks for probably saved the whole town. Heck, you may have even saved Saskatchewan itself. You're my hero.

5:48 PM  
Blogger JoeBlogs said...

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Blogger Coral said...

would it be too paris hilton of me to exclaim that story was 'hot' haha...oh puns are our friends.

3:58 AM  

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