Saturday, September 17, 2005


so, apparently not returning modems to sasktel four or five months late is not a good thing. It will in fact get you a 177 dollar fine and put on a low class collections list. So, i had called sasktel earlier this month to discuss said 177 dollar fine. After chatting with the dude from sasktel he said if i brought the modem back in the next few days he would make sure the fine would be squared away. So that was sweet. I returned and in fact the charge was dropped from my account. However sasktel neglected to pass this information on to their little collecting friends. i recieved a phone call from this lady yesterday or so and it went like this:

lady: hi i'm calling for brian campbell
Brian:that's me.
Lady: hi brian i work for...(some collections agency in a terribly dead end job) and you apparently have a phone that belongs to sasktel and you should bring it back.
Brian: No I don't.
Lady: Yes, yes you do.
Brian: No, i'm sorry ma'am but I got my phone from walmart not sasktel
Lady: pause........It says here you have one, so you probably do.
Brian: no pause......It could say i have a million dollars too. but i promise you i don't have either.
Lady: longer pause. You don't have a phone from sasktel?
Brian: I've never had a phone from sasktel.
Lady: But it says here....
Brian: I did however have a modem over due for 4 months, but i returned that awhile ago.
Lady: loud sigh. oh. do you have a recipt them proving you returned it.
Brian: Yes
Lady: Thank you for your time.......sir.
Brian: laughing, nooo problem

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The update on Mike moore

Hasn't it been a long time since anyone has heard from moore, not that i'm complaining mind you, just curious about his whereabouts. So after some indepth research(read googled him) i found this link.
two words: Fat Farm
two more words: Good luck.

Another Camp Story

So, I cannot remember when exactly this incident took place, it was early in the summer, and now, well, it's not. So, during this particular week i was program staff, meaning not counselling, just teaching a few skills and that's it. So, wednesday night was the program staff's day off. Now this night was going to be even better than the usual because my friend brought his laptop into our cabin and we had planned on watching some Corner Gas. This would work because all campers were on their sleep out night. So after about two episodes three of four of the cabin staff came back.

Us: Hey, bathroom break there ladies???
Them(scowling): no it's too cold.
US: ahhh muffin. So, bring the whole cabin back too?
Them: No, they are still out there.
Us: So lemme get this straight, you three, being staff and all, deemed it to cold to sleep outside and left one staff and fourteen kids out there.
Them: Yeah.
Us: Awesome.........
Them: So, are you guys gonna shut that movie off now so we can get some sleep.
Us: ummm yeah, we're shutting it down right now. (shutting off movie)
Them: No seriously, shut it off, we are really tired.
Us: Ummmm ok.... we are shutting it down.
Them: seriously, we are really tired.
Us.......Brian: Whatever........shrugs

1 hour passes, this "tired" staff spend this time talking loudly over a game of cards with all the lights on.

At this point i was discussing the events that had just transpired with my friend, i had described the events like this

You know, what happened here tonight is like this: pretend you're seven years old again, it's christmas eve you've managed to finally overcome the anticipation of the evening. It's three a.m. you feel a hand on your shoulder, it's your mom. She wakes you up, leans over and whispers these four words : THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUSE BILLY...........

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