Friday, June 10, 2005

spam mail

things i don't like

2. Spam mail. It's ridiculous for a number of reasons. One being just how freaking annoying it is, and secondly, how little we are really able to do anything about it. I mean we have junk mail folders, but really what good are they, when we have to go through it anyways to see if any legit mail ended up there. I mean how hard can it be to make a computer program that can differentiate between a legit email address and "frEeMOneys4u". I mean seriously it's retarded. I mean who even reads spam mail. Do people actually say "oh, honey we got another email from our good friend again. Or, honey, someone wants to help us lower our debt, isn't that kind, all i have to do is send them my creditcard number, expiry date and pin number, what a deal! Spam is ridiculous, i'm glad that the government is finally charging people who own these spam companies. and by the government, i mean america's govt. because here in Canada, we don't take stands, we're too lazy and apathetic. Sometimes the states goes overboard, but alteast they aren't borderline comatose like us.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

started one of those "job" things

So, yesterday, i finally started work. Yes, i know, it definitely interrupted my six week long vacation. Oddly enough i am not terribly dissappointed. So yesterday consisted of me getting up at 6:45(brutal) because i have not woken up that early since brian mulroney was prime minister. So I get work at 7:30, get a brief tour of the essentials, washroom, smoke room, cafeteria, fire exits ect. Then it's off to the mail line. There i spend two hours bagging orders. Not very interesting unfortunately. However it did make me wonder why on earth people bought some of the clothes that they did.....*shudder* Then it's coffee break time, i spend this meandering around the warehouse because i don't know anyone and my people meeting skills are not good. So, after break, we clean up the mail line, then we are off to do returns. Now, this is were i discover, that whatever the most common item sent out, is generally the most common item sent back. I spend until lunch putting returns on the shelves. Now there are rules for doing this. 1. no more than five pieces of clothing on a rack. 2. long items bottom rack shorter items top rack. 3. All five items must be a different color. Awesome. er wait. not awesome because on the return racks were 30 pink dresses 15 black,3 red, and 3 yellow.... Most bins are not empty, which would be much easier. so i spent a lot of time trying to find a spot for everyhting. I did this for the remainder of the day, I'm a little concerned though, because at the end of the day i found myself muttering "If only I had a red skirt to go with this blue blazer i would be all set..."
So, i guess one can say i spent the whole day in womans clothing......

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