Friday, October 14, 2005

Jesus is NOT your homeboy

Jesus is defined as several things throughout scripture, king of kings, prince of peace, immanuel, his name means annointed one, he's referred to as a messiah son of man, son of God. In the Gospel of John Jesus tells a crowd of Jewish leaders and common folk that "before Abraham was, I am" In John 14:6 Jesus delcares himself to be the way the truth and the life. Jesus walked on water, healed the sick and raised the dead. Nowhere does it suggest that Jesus is in fact your homeboy. Your homeboy is the guy who spots you cash when you need it, or lends you his ride when yours is busted. Jesus, is in fact the guy who died for you sins, and paid a price which we are/were unable to. Is Christ your friend? Yes. Does Jesus care about smaller things, probably. Was Jesus a white dude passing out peace signs? most certainly not. Christ is messiah. He is essentially how we approach the father. Christ is approachable for sure. But, he is God. He is holy. We do not equal holy, not even a little bit.

i'll admit the shirt is funny, but at some point begrudgingly or not you need to draw the line. None of your "homeboys" have or will die for your sins, perhaps they may die because of you.........

p.s. Jesus was Jewish and spoke aramaic, so chances are his homeboys were not from white suburbia, and he would not know what a homeboy was.

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