Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ohhhhh Sylvia

I have decided that i'm going to make a list of people or things i don't like, not much different that what i'm already doing, except i'm going to add numbers!!!!

1. Slyvia the spirit contactor person thingy

As i was channel surfing this morning i came across a show called montel or something like that and this chick sylvia was on it. And apparently Sylvia has paranormal powers. So she was sending messages to people on behalf of their dead loved ones. I didn't catch the whole show, just the last fifteen minutes or so, which interestingly enough was a quesion period. One question was
Woman: Ummmmm Sylvia do you see a career change in my future?
Sylvia: No (wow that was really insightful)
Woman #2 Both of my sons are gone, are any of them speaking to me
Sylvia: The darker of the two says he makes noises.
Woman # 2 Thank you. (sits down)
Woman #3 Sylvia, i just finished a complete life overhaul did i miss anything
Sylvia: No, your heart problems are because of stress( only legitimateesq answer, although you could visually guess the reason for her life overhaul)

Something else that she said i found really interesting. She was talking about her sensitivity to the spirit world and gave an example, by retelling a story that occured when she was off lecturing to opened minded intellectuals(read grieving vulnreable people). This incident occured the day the pope died. At roughly 9:20 am during her lecture she said her spirit guide spoke to her and she went on to name the spirit guide, which i won't bother repeating his name for a number of reasons, the least of which it's not worth the effort. The spirit guide then (allegedly)communicated to her that " We have the pope" . Personally, I know that there is a spiritual realm and that in fact one can interact with it, as far as spirit guides go, i'd rather have a root canal. According to my personal views, these spirit guides are demons, who would love to guide your spirit all right. Then i was thinking so if this event did occur, then what are the ramifications of that phrase "We have the pope" Now, that day the pope did not die for another several hours, but her claim was he crossed over when her guide delivered the message. So, if one could speculate on said ramifications they would not be good. Needless to say spirit guides are bound to now standard of morality, and I would venture that it is rather quite the opposite.
This show reminded how people try to use the spiritual realm for power.

This slyvia women was vague in all of her responses to the questions. The funniest part is, is that her and her son, have a book coming out about animals,called "pets and the other side" or something like that. Worst ever. I mean, it's bad enough she's profiting off of peoples warped grieving process but this is ridiculous. I mean, she can't tell what animals are saying when they are alive, what the hell makes her think they talk to her when they die? People like her make me angry. Do i believe in the possibility for her to communicate with the spirit world? Yes, absolutely. Do i think she's communicating with peoples loved ones. No, I don't. I think people like her are attracted to the power of the occult and blend it with verbal manipulation to make a lot of money.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Future plans

Well over the last few weeks/month or so since school has been out i've been thinking a lot about whether or not to return in the fall. After a lot of thought I realized that I am not really sure what i want to do with the rest of my life and that college coincedentally is not a cheap place to find that out. So I will be living and working(eventually) in regina for awhile a year or two and see what happens i guess. and just go from there i guess is the plan. So there's approximitaly where things are currently. Besides who needs this 'education' everyone keeps ranting about.

Actors should not, repeat not be allowed to speak on politics.....unless your name is Gov. Arnold

Ok, so I was reading a back issue of The Rolling Stone, and it was an issue printed during the election/iraq war/micheal "i'm a huge loser" moore phase. And the vast majority of artists were crying out against the war and bush and put on a tour against him and such. now, everyone has a right to an opinion, but actors and musicians should seriously consider shutting the hell up sometime. Just because you are the flavor of the week and blah blah blah does not mean the world needs to hear what you have to say. Yes, some actor/musicians are intelligent and have credible things to say. But, personally when i buy a cd i buy it because i like the music, and am not paying them to voice their opinions. This whole thing tends to skew reality. While they claim that they are informing the public and encouraging them to vote and voice THEIR OWN opinion in one commericial they are ranting about the tyranny of Bush in another using their influence to convince the masses. Convince them that the reason they should vote for bush is because bruce i'm so damn cool springsteen thinks it's a good idea, or Sean stuffy combs says i need to vote Kerry. Yes, I do in fact realize that I'm not american and have no say in the matter and it shouldn't theorhetically affect me. But seeming as it is a free country, I hate the fact that these people who live absolutely unrealistic lives who know nothing of the most part of blue collar anywhere, whose lives will be affected the least by privatized health care and gun control. If i could, i would have voted for Bush, and I personally support the war in Iraq and think that it is retarded that Canada did not assist America. Saddam Hussien was a terrorist, no, they didn't find any weapons of mass destruction, yes that sucks. Yes, good men died fighting in Iraq. But Saddam needed to be taken out of power. These stars talk of bush's tryanical ways, but usually these complaints are made from houses with more bathrooms then most of our homes have square footage. People who ride the crest of the wave of public obsession wield a dangerous tool that would best serve unused............................oh yeah, I hate Brittany Spears too.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Where Nicholas Cage went all wrong

I'm not sure exactly why this happens but it seems that several action guys have dabbled in the family friendly movie section, which in some cases is A) out of their talent pool B) a waste of their said talent pool. The latter, I believe is the case for Nicholas Cage, I mean he has a done a lot of kick ass movies. The Rock, Con Air, gone in 6o seconds ect ect. Then comes National Treasure, wow. I'll spare you the summary suffice to say in hindsight Disney truly is for kids, except for maybe Remember the Titans. So many times it seemed like the actors wanted to swear, but couldn't. Instead they had to replace the swear word with some lame ass variation that was worse than anything i had endured at bible college........Also, why the hell did Bruce Willis do the movie the Kid a few years ago. I mean he is Bruce "Die hard" Willis, not Bruce " i'm a girly man who works for Disney" Willis, well at least he shouldn't be. It seems to be a trend, because Arnold has done similar films, even hulk hogan has done stupid kids flicks, although that might not be outside his talent pool perhaps the vocab contained in those scripts would better suit his mental capacity. Vin disiel is another guy who has an kid flick coming out soon some garbage about an ex seal turned baby sitter. From guns, cars, explosives and women, to diapers, soothers, minivans and who gives a damn. To me, it's kinda like when Jordan played a few games in the minors with the white sox, what the hell, where's the logic(i mean besides he's "mj" and he could do whatever he wanted) he was a terrible terrible baseball player, which should not have surprised him since most of his life was spent playing basketball. Sucsessful crossover athletes and actors are a rarity, and in most cases they should should stick to what their good at.

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