Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pierre Mcqueer...i mean Macguire......

For those of you who do not know this man, count your self amongst the elect. For those of us who watch sports have almost all be exposed to this moron. Now, i could easily fill pages with the idiotic stuff this guy says. Not to mention he reminds me of a bald pee wee herman, if not in looks at persona. Here are some of his quotes feel free to post more. The hockey news, in it's latest issue says that some may find Pierre too loud....apparently they had run out of space for the other thirty to fourty adjectives the general(intelligent) population would have used as well.

1. It was a double dion, a double dion. this occured during last year world Jr's, phaneuf appeard to hit two players simulateously, Pierre appeared to repeat this phrase 27 and a half times.
2. The Russians are going down quicker than free beer at a frat party. Then again, so do yo pierre so do you.
3. Look at that stretch pass!
4. I like men
5. and the puck squirts out of their zone again.
6. I prefer man to man coverage.
7. I also wear dresses.

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